September 30, 2020



Cricket’s Match Fixers | Al Jazeera Investigations | Cricket Latest News

Cricket’s Match Fixers | Al Jazeera Investigations | Cricket Latest News

Al Jazeera News channel made a documentary film named Cricket’s Match Fixers, It is about corruption in cricket.

The documentary exposes corrupt players, match fixers and officials involved. It also reveals techniques deployed to spot-fixing, match-fixing, and pitch combing. While also the sums of money involved.

Aneel Manawar is an alleged match-fixer from Mumbai. He works with D Company. Furthermore, he is in the industry for 6-7 years. And says 60-70% matches can be fixed. Moreover, if you have the money anything is possible. He is associated with many international cricket players.

Al Jazeera¬†in Cricket’s Match Fixers film reveals Players in return for spot-fixing gets Rolex watches, luxury cars, and flats as gifts.




Cricket's Match Fixers | Al Jazeera Investigations | Cricket Latest News



Robin Morris from Mumbai aged 41 is another important character in Cricket’s Match Fixers film. He is an experienced spot-fixer. Furthermore, underperformance by a player is a result of fixing.

The player by wearing a band on his wrist, adjusting his pads, or throw away his gloves, or may even stops the bowler in his run-up suggests that the player has signaled the spot-fixers. So the betting starts.

Hassan Razzaq in the documentary says spot-fixers can earn approximately Rupees 45lakhs from one match. He is an ex-cricketer from Pakistan. Whereas Gaurav Rajkumar working in Dubai reveals that they bribe officials. Because to get the inside report of the pitch, and ground condition. So as to help in predicting favorable conditions for players.

Sri Lanka’s¬†Tharanga Indica who is pitch curator working with match-fixers prepares the pitch accordingly. He reveals how to comb pitch to make it rough. So that it could be more spinner friendly. And how it is impossible to fight it.

The CEO of ICC, David Richardson has asked for the release of all the material Al Jazeera has relating to corruption in cricket. Furthermore, he also pledges that “it would be a full thorough and fair investigation.”